Anxiety Panic Disorders Treatments – What Exactly Is The Problem?

There is a variety of treatments that can be used for panic disorders. However, the perfect combination of different methods of treatment varies with the specific condition and symptoms of the person involved. One may be suffering from depression and panic disorder, or panic disorder and agoraphobia, or generalized anxiety. Each case demands a different treatment. A basic treatment set is commonly used these days, which is combined with one or more elements to form an improvement program.

Most people have occasional anxiety in their day-to-day life. This is different from anxiety panic disorders which include socialization fears, agoraphobia, obsessive-compulsive disorder as well as a variety of other phobias resulting in attacks of anxiety. Various treatments are available for these disorders which are described hereunder.

Medical research has discovered that stress has an important role to play in panic disorders. Hence, the very basic treatment of anxiety panic disorders comprises of learning to relax to reduce the stress impact. Stretching exercises and breathing techniques are used to relax the body and release tensions.

Assertiveness training is also one of the methods very often used to overcome anxiety panic disorders. This training enables you to non-aggressively express your needs, feelings, desires and wants. This ability to express yourself helps you to be free from the constant tension of trying to impress other people and trying to live up to their expectations. Skills of effective communication are fostered.

Cognitive therapy is yet another method of treatment of panic anxiety disorders. In this therapy one is taught to replace negative thoughts about oneself with positive ones. Studies have discovered that patients of the anxiety panic disorders very often actually talk themselves into the panic state. Their imagination tells them that they cannot cope with some people or situations and this triggers a panic attack by creating anxiety. Cognitive therapy trains one to build up confidence in one’s ability to cope by substituting negative thoughts by positive ones.

Exposure therapy is a method of treatment in which one is purposely exposed to confronting situations which are known to cause panic attacks. Group counseling, behavior modification, psychotherapy and exercise are used to treat attacks of anxiety panic disorder. In severe and frequently occurring episodes of anxiety panic attacks, medication is also prescribed in addition.

All the treatments aim at making one aware of the way thoughts build up one’s anxiety. When one does not express his thoughts, suppresses his feelings and allows negative thoughts to control his mind, worry and anxiety build up in the mind to a high level. Once awareness of these thoughts is created, the next thing to do is to stop the self-defeating thoughts right away and to alter the course of one’s thoughts to prevent attacks. One way is to undertake physical exercise which creates a good diversion because it causes more production of mood enhancing chemicals in the brain.

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